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An overview of a few of the things that happened in the tech world during the past week.

Great Reason Why Coding Should Replace Foreign Language As A Requirement In Schools

This is the technology, created by Waverly Labs, I’ve been warning my fellow educators was coming. This all but eliminates the need for foreign language as a requirement in schools. Being 21st century ready demands that’s students 2nd language be some form of programming language. Appropriate technology education is the only way to ensure student’s … Continue reading Great Reason Why Coding Should Replace Foreign Language As A Requirement In Schools

Lessons In JavaScript – How Do You Solve Problems with Code?

YOU DON’T! I love when I have Ah Ha moments. They always seem to come at the very moment when I need to experience a release which skyrockets me to my next evolution of understanding. And the logic of coding solutions to problems is no different. Last night, as I was attending a CodeNewbie Google … Continue reading Lessons In JavaScript – How Do You Solve Problems with Code?

Tech Takes On Detroit

Yesterday’s article from Yahoo! Autos, Google Hires A Car Salesman For Its Self-Driving Vehicles, got me to thinking. What IS the future of the car? What will we be “driving” tomorrow? Or will we be driving at all? Every since Henry Ford developed a process that allowed for the mass production of automobiles, drivers world-wide have turned … Continue reading Tech Takes On Detroit

Fast Food Is Going High Tech

Technology is coming to a fast-food restaurant near you. Long gone are the days when ordering your favorite burger means walking away with basically the same thing as almost everyone else. Where technology’s benefits were mainly reserved for improving the back of house experience through cash registers and automated cooking processes. Today’s fast-food technology is … Continue reading Fast Food Is Going High Tech

No Plan B

As I reflect on this past week, I am reminded that learning is hard. Which left me with a new found respect for anyone learning a new language, any language. For the first time, I thought about the challenges faced by individuals around the world who uproot their lives, by choice or otherwise, to take … Continue reading No Plan B

Lessons In JavaScript Week 2

Man, it’s hard to believe that week 2 is over. Week 2 was when I realized that my coding knowledge had moved from beginner to intermediate…YA ME! For the first time, after months of watching videos and reading articles/books/etc., the mistakes I was making while doing my coding exercises were syntactical in nature and NOT … Continue reading Lessons In JavaScript Week 2

Coding and the Common Core

No matter what your thoughts are regarding the value or execution of Common Core, it’s hard to deny that today’s students need a completely different skill set for tomorrow’s workforce than most of us did. The intention of focusing attention on how well students are prepared for career and/or college is a necessary one which … Continue reading Coding and the Common Core

At the Crossroad

Have you ever felt that you were at a point in your life where the decisions you make today WILL have a profound impact on your tomorrow? Well, I had one of those moments this week. I decided to take another 8-week break from school to focus some time on developing my technological skills but … Continue reading At the Crossroad

I Have The Power!

This is exactly how I felt about coding this week. I have to admit that learning to code is not all that easy. Much like learning any new language, the challenges abound. It is further complicated when you are attempting to master the skills of a full-stack web developer. A full-stack developer is responsible for creating … Continue reading I Have The Power!