Coming Soon – Jr. Dev Mentoring

Jr. Dev Mentoring LogoLet me begin by saying that this is a passion project for me. It was inspired by my last post: Lessons In JavaScript – Stop Lying To Newbies.

Writing that post reignited a flame in me of the importance of ongoing, intentional mentorship in leveling up ones skills and tacit knowledge. The guiding hand of a mentor can remove obstacles, seen and unseen, for the uninitiated. This guidance allows the mentee to comfortably enter a world which normally operates on scores of unspoken rules of conduct and behavior. As I stated in the article, it is my belief that “if each person working as a professional programmer, committed to mentoring just one newbie during their first year we would have a community of junior developers who understand the REAL risks and rewards of this industry and these individuals would be better equipped to solve tomorrow’s problems today.”

What’s coming: a website devoted to the matching of mentees with mentors who are willing to give of their time, talent, and attention in order to ensure that more newbies successfully transition into their first junior developer roles.

Until then, checkout: